About NBB

Nefel Barrak Beneyyah (NBB), Certified Public Accountants is licensed by the Saudi Organization of Certified Public Accountants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to run and practice the audit profession. Our firm offers a wide range of services in different fields for all types of entities and corporations, which includes audit and assurance services, financial advisory services, consulting services accounting services, internal audit, forensic accounting services and tax and zakat advisory.

Our strength point lies in the availability of expertise with specialized qualification, providing innovative and contemporary solutions that allow our clients to maximize their benefits through a team of highly qualified professionals whom are able to practice their profession based on local and international standards and provide the best quality services.

Why NBB?

NBB in Saudi Arabia is a team of dedicated business professionals with the required skills, personal integrity and objectivity needed to render quality service to the clients and the public. We provide this quality service to each client through a responsive and effective personally led relationship. This relationship is based on our understanding and caring for our client’s business and his needs.

NBB Audit Methodology


Planning And Scheduling

The first phase of the audit will be to develop a mutually agreeable timetable for our work. Yet, we propose the timetable included in the following paragraphs.


Interim Audit

will be conducted in mid of September or October covering the financial period ending August 31, every year. The first phase of our interim audit will be focusing on planning and assessing the time, extent and nature of our audit tests that will be implemented by our audit team during the subsequent audit phases. Company internal control structure and key business processes will be reviewed as part of the audit planning process.


Stock Counts

A stock count will be taken at the end of every year. This will cover stock items at all warehouses belonging to company. The purpose of this procedure is to assess and assure the existence and completeness of this financial statement’s element.


Final Audit

Part of our substantive audit tests will be performed during the interim audit. However, the majority of these tests will be conducted during the final field work after closing the accounts for every year. The purpose of these tests is to support the management’s assertions on the financial statements. An analytical review of year-end results will be performed as compared to our substantive testing date, and we will review management’s financial statements.

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