Internal Audit

A particular feature of our office expertise is our involvement in internal auditing activities. With this respect, a wide range of services are provided by the specialists of our internal auditing division.

Our objective is to help our clients in establishing properly their internal audit department to assist members of the organization in the effective discharge of their responsibilities.

This department would be an independent appraisal function that examines the diverse operations and controls of tile organization to ensure that information provided is accurate and reliable, risks are identified and minimized external and internal regulation policies and procedures are complied with acceptable standards are met, resources are used efficiently and economicallyand organization objectives are effectively achieved.Internal auditing services provided by our office encompass the following:

  • Designing the systems of the internal auditing department within the organization, assisting in the selection and training of the staff, preparing the audit programs and assisting in and following up implementations.
  • Preparing and presenting training seminars and workshops for internal auditors of commercial, industrial and financial institutions and companies.

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