Audit Advisory

In addition to the external audit, we also provide audit advisory services including:

  • Financial investigations in accordance with duediligence procedures for transactions involving mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures or partnerships understandings.
  • Operational audits of internal control structure such as assistance in setting up accounting systems for new or expanding businesses.
  • Acquisitions and disposals supports consisting of in- depth reviews of specific businesses, purchase investigation or audit of an intended acquisition.
  • Implementation of consolidation processes, including the different aspects relating to the definition of reporting group, to the choice of accounting principles and to the implementation of reporting procedures from affiliates to their holding.
  • Acting as liquidators of companies appointed by partners in voluntary liquidation or courts in compulsory liquidation and handling of any subsequent related matters.
  • Assistance in assessing the effectiveness and structure of internal audit departments, and training of internal auditors in relevant techniques including computer auditing.
  • Acting as custodians appointed by courts and accounting experts in litigation.
  • Acting as arbitrators.

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