Taxa Services

The services provided fall broadly under to headings:

We provide a wide range of tax services to companies, partnerships, individuals and trusts: locally and internationally. These are available not only to clients who use our auditing and accounting services, but to any business enterprise or individual requiring special tax advice.

  • Assistance to clients in meeting their tax compliance obligations.
  • The provision of specialized tax planning advice which aims to ensure that clients businesses and financial affairs are arranged in an orderly manner with proper regard to the incidence of taxation.

These services encompass a number of areas which include the following:

  • Companies, compliance:
    • Preparation of companies' tax computations for submission to the local tax authorities.
    • Advice regarding appeals against tax assessments and tax payments.
  • Individual, partnership, and trust tax compliance:
    • Preparation of the appropriate tax returns for submission to the tax authorities and handling of any subsequent correspondence discussions etc. with the local tax authorities in determining the tax liability.
  • Corporate tax planning:
    • The structure of business operations operating through groups or divisions.
    • Corporate and group reorganizations.
    • Optimizing the use of available relief and allowances.
    • Planning dividend policy.
    • Executive remuneration.
    • Tax treatment of fringe benefits.
    • Planning of overseas assignments.
    • Preparation of retirement plans.
    • International tax planning.
    • International group structures.
    • Profit repatriation planning by use of dividends or royalties.
    • Minimizing the incidence of double taxation.
    • Advice on tax aspects of foreign currency fluctuations.
    • Advice on double tax treaties and their effects.
    • Advice on tax systems in other countries.
    • Advice on tax structuring of corporate acquisitions overseas.
    • World tax reviews and utilization of losses.
  • Personnel tax planning, including:
    • Structuring personal business operations.
    • Planning for business start-up e.g. partnership and other companies.
  • Establishing offshore and holding companies:
    • Establishing offshore and holding companies in countries whose rules and regulations allow formation of such companies, handling financial, accounting and taxation affairs of these companies and preparing financial and other statements for tax purposes.

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